How to create cheap storage boxes for you toddler!

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

It is completely baffling how easily ‘stuff’ is accumulated as your baby grows! From clothes and shoes, to stuffed teddies, books, textas and various toys and any other supplies that are slowing overflowing around you. It can seem like a volcano just waiting to erupt and storage containers can be quite expensive; especially if you need 20!

The answer…. nappy boxes! You see, I enjoy reusing and recycling, and have found this to be a quick and easy way to get all your ‘stuff’ in order without spending unnecessary dollars.

Will be decorating the boxes shortly!The Nappy Box Solution

Nappy boxes are your perfect solution! You most likely have a few of them lying about the house already – that is if your toddler is still wearing nappies. They are quite sturdy and can be easily decorated with your little one in tow for a fun and messy bonding experience!

I will be using the new ‘storage boxes’ in our messy corner. The nappy boxes happen to be the most perfect fit for my bookcase and will be a great solution for holding all of our art supplies.


PaintingBlack undercoat

The sky is the limit for decorating your boxes. I decided to use paint as it was an easy way to get my toddler involved in the process. I love the fact that we are decorating something for her messy corner and she can help to make the area hers.



As my book shelf is black, I decide to paint a black base coat to cover the fact that these are actually nappy boxes. The black will also help the other colours to pop!

You can choose to draw pictures on your boxes and decorate them however you like. I am happy for my toddler to simply splat and splosh the paint in any which way she likes. We decide to paint with one or two colours at time and let them dry before choosing another Purple paint potcolour and so on. This way all the colours won’t just mush together to make a brown messy puddle; as can sometimes be the case with an over-enthusiastic young Picasso on your hands!

The Result

We now have some very unique storage boxes! My toddler is very proud of them and loves showing them off to our friends. It has made her more attached to playing, making and creating in the messy corner. I must admit, I am becoming more attached to this area as well!

Painting Nappy BoxThere are so many crafty ways to make decorative storage boxes out of nappy boxes, I will share more of these with you soon.


In the meantime, if you have an ideas, questions or comments relating to any post, feel free to contact me or leave your thoughts on this post. If you like this content and would like to keep up-to-date you can find me on Facebook and Twitter 🙂


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