Creating the Toddler’s Messy Corner at home!

The Messy Struggle…

The sheet is laid out perfectly across your lovely clean floors. The coloured paint containers arranged just so. Brand new paint brushes are placed near each pot. Pieces of paper are laid out just waiting to be painted on by your creative little toddler…

Before you know it, the sheet covering your floor is crumpling under your toddler’s feet and the paint splatters across your floor. Paint brushes are dipped, flicked and smooshed across every surface. Spilled paint is squelched in, slipped in, smeared, you name! Now there is paint EVERYWHERE!!!

This may be all too familiar if you have ever tried any kind of messy activity at home with your toddler. Of course we struggled through this scenario a number of times before I realised…. we NEED a messy corner!

Get Inspired…

There are so many amazing ideas floating around on Pinterest just waiting to help you to create your very own messy corner in your home. It is important to become inspired by different ideas that will make your messy corner functional for you and your toddler. The link below will take you to some great inspiration.

What key components do I need to create the messy corner?

After doing some research, I have picked out some key components to be the bones to my messy corner. I wanted to complete this task without spending too much money. I also wanted this area to be functional!

1. Toddler sized desk and chair

We have used an old coffee table that we picked up for only $5 secondhand. It is the perfect height and I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined. The chair we already had from another setting, but can be purchased fairly cheaply from a number of stores.

2. Mat to protect the floor

A sheet on the floor is just not going to do the best job! I have decided to go with a foam jigsaw mat. Not only is it bright and colourful, it’s thick, it won’t move and it can be pulled apart and played with as well! Best of all it only cost $17 from Kmart! For this price I do not mind if it gets covered in paint, textas and anything else for that matter – Winning!

3. Storage Area

You are going to need an area to place all those wonderful art supplies that you are bound to collect. I happened to have a small bookcase lying around, so I didn’t need to purchase one (Bonus!). However, one like this can be purchased from Kmart for $17.

Will be decorating the boxes shortly!
Will be decorating the boxes shortly!

Nappy boxes are also a cost-effective way to create storage boxes. They fit perfecting into my bookcase and can be easily painted and decorated together with your toddler. This is a nice way to give your little one some ownership over the new space you are creating too!

4. Display Area

I just love the idea of creating an area for hanging and displaying your toddler’s masterpieces! Our messy corner does not have a lot of wall space so I decided to use a window instead. To keep things simple, I just used sticky hooks and string to create a hanging line. This is a quick and cheap way to display our favorite creations.

Love the messy corner!

The area does not have to be huge; we just cleared a corner in our living room. This space has already been used a ton by my toddler – she loves drawing, colouring and just playing there! Play dates are also now spent hanging out in the messy corner. There is so much fun to be had in this new space! My head is full of fun, creative and messy activities to do…

Best part is – I now don’t need to stress about the mess! No more worrying about whether she is drawing on the table, floor or paper! Although on the paper would be nice…

Finger painting on a canvas
Finger painting on a canvas

Please note I am in no way endorsed by Kmart – I just love shopping there!

If you would like more information about this blog or have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me. Also subscribe to follow our messy journey in the living room!



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